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    Learn Your Cosmic Story

    Astrological Readings

    Your natal chart is your cosmic blueprint. It is a celestial snapshot of the universal energies occurring the moment you were born. It provides a map to understanding YOU and it represents our evolutionary journey; our potential in this lifetime and the most meaningful path we can take in life. Discover how you can work with the planetary energies available to you. 


    All astrological chart readings are conducted through Zoom. I will send you a link before the session.

    All readings (excluding The Star Dipper - Follow Up Reading) will include a 12 month transit report that will be emailed to you after the session. 

    Astrologer Writing Natal Chart
    Birth chart Reading

    The Stardust  - Natal Chart Reading 

    1 hour 3o mins  /  $140

    Discover your cosmic origins. You are more than your Sun sign. This is a full natal chart analysis. Your natal/birth chart is a map of the unique celestial and planetary positions at the exact moment you were born. It provides information regarding our psychological patterns, our wiring and it is a goldmine of information about YOU. I will explore the interpretive qualities surrounding your chart that can illuminate your strengths, hidden talents, challenges, soul growth opportunities, and more. You will gain insight into your life purpose, relationships, and other important aspects of your life. This is a beautiful way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you to ultimately help you in making conscious decisions to create a life that is in line with your true nature. Includes a 12 month transit report.  

    Relationship Reading

    The Starlight  - Natal Chart Reading + Forecast

    2 hours 30 mins  /   $200

    This is full natal chart analysis (The Stardust) + The Year Ahead Transit Reading (The Stargaze) Predictive techniques such as transits, solar returns, progressions, and profections can also tell us where you are in your current personal life cycle to get a glimpse of the upcoming months to provide further clarity on any opportunities and challenges. A natal chart reading + forecast can help empower you and help you tap into your energy with direction and purpose. Includes a 12 month transit report.  

    yearly Transit Reading

    The Stargaze - The Year Ahead Transit Reading

    1 hr 30 mins  / $120

    We will take a look at how your natal chart will be impacted by the planetary movements over the next 12 months. This astrological reading will highlight current and upcoming energies for the year that can be helpful in understanding any challenges, lessons and opportunities for the year ahead. We will tune into what areas in life will come to play and major themes the long-term planetary transits have in store for you for the upcoming year. Includes a 12 month transit report. 

    The Star Dipper - Follow Up Reading

    1 hour  /   $80

    If you have already had an astrological chart reading with me and have additional questions, this session is designed to dive further into your chart so we can explore the topics that you need clarity and support with.

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