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I'm Kristy, a soul seeker, BQH Quantum Healer, astrologer, Reiki Master, and intuitive empath. I want to help guide and support you into healing any disconnect you are experiencing with yourself. Let's work together to bring that connection back to you. My desire is to assist you in shifting towards connecting and realigning you with your deep inner knowing  and your inner wisdom to help you step purposely into your current life path and bring more soul alignment in your life.

How It Started

I discovered astrology in 5th grade and I felt seen.  Parts of my personality that no one knew and understood deep down were presented to me, resonating and connecting to me.  From then on, I was intrigued. I actively read my horoscope and read anything I was able to get my hands on to learn more. 

Discovering astrology and my Dad’s books written by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Asimov, and James Randi around the same time, truly expanded my mind to the universe and the unknown. Since then, the deep fascination and curiosity for the Universe, the mysterious, the magick, and the unknown have always remained within me and very much influences me now. I have this perpetual curiosity to dig into the deep layers within me into trying to understand my inner nature, the world around me, my place in this Universe, and all the parts of the fundamentals that are a part of me, flows within me, and IS me.  


How It Went


I pulled up my natal chart for the first time in 2017. I was mindblown at discovering  another world that had opened up to me with the information my natal chart contained. A story was being told through my chart and that story is the one my soul chose to work with in this lifetime.


During the height of the 2020 pandemic, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis) that mimicked breast cancer. The physical issues and low frequency emotions that I was experiencing during that time was an urgent call for me to make a shiftManaging my stress and anxiety took precedence over any other recommendations, which ultimately paved the path for me to take conscious control in bringing more inner peace to my mind, body and soul. I didn't make the connection at the time, but while focusing on healing my mind, body, and soul, I was also simultaneously clearing and healing my energetic field.

Reconnecting and rebalancing my emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual layers to work in synergy with my physical body/layer was important for me to improve, uplift, and expand on my human experience.  It was at that moment I felt really called to immerse myself in the realm of astrology, which opened the doors to my spiritual and within journey.

I had my first natal chart reading done by Steph Trinh. It was a beautiful,  intimate, and empowering experience to be seen at a soul level. I turned to Tarot around this time, which is another amazing tool for self-knowledge and self-illumination. These shined a light to those dark times of navigating my autoimmune, the collective chaos, and uncertainty of the pandemic. Having a sense of the cosmic weather energies helped me to better tune into my energetic states, whether that was personally or on a collective level. As an empath, that was very important for helping me move through the day; I desired to be able to flow through the energies with as much grace and ease as possible to help bring in the inner peace that I was in need of and to most importantly, actively work to sustain that as best as I could. Understanding the celestial language and its energetic influences, while re-establishing a deep relationship to my inner being, truly helped me move towards a beautiful shift in bringing in more peace and , compassion for myself, for others, and to trusting and surrendering to the Universe for my soul’s evolution.

How It's Going

I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healer practitioner, Reiki Master and astrologer. I have completed my Reiki Master training in both Usui Reiki Ryoho (Japanese) and Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western) traditions. I am also Antojai    Quantum Reiki certified and work with the Violet Flame healing by Quan Yin and Saint Germaine. Reiki energy healing becomes amplified and all-encompassing when a combination or all of these Reiki styles are channeled together. I incorporate tuning forks and crystal singing bowls for sound healing during Reiki sessions to amplify the overall energetic healing experience.


This path has been deeply expansive, inspiring, uplifting, empowering, and soul nourishing for me. I am a perpetual learner (planets in 3rd house), continuing to explore and expand my heart and mind (Mars and Part of Fortune in 9th house), and still deep into my personal evolution. My intention each day is to live mindfully, consciously stay in the flow of life and co-create with the Universe as best as I can. I endeavor to improve at making every day micro-choices that are in line with a higher vibration, while creating a life that is purposeful, meaningful and connected. 


On a more personal and lighter note, my big three are Scorpio Rising, Capricorn Sun and Taurus Moon. My family and fur babies shines bright in my life. I am a #boysmom. I have a background in research biology. I love to explore realms that expand my consciousness and heart. an affinity for all things galactic, marine life, and stories about Goddesses. I also love cats, dolphins, britpop, new wave, dream pop and classical music, being completely immersed dancing to a favorite song really loudly or just lost in it, and super dark chocolate.


I am passionate about sharing what I can offer to be of service to others to help people discover themselves in their personal evolution. I will be your guide and channel to support you to help uncover any blocks, shift and expand your awareness, to help you move into a self-healing path to wholeness. My goal is to share what I have learned so you can tap into your own inner power with confidence and purpose to be your own guide for your personal growth and transformation. My approach is always done with love, compassion and integrity always for your highest good in mind. I will be there to champion you and journey alongside you in navigating whatever you are going through, whatever is needing your attention, or if you are just spiritually curious about yourself and your path. 

It would be an absolute honor to hold a safe and loving space for you so I can guide you in bringing a sense of clarity and illumination while providing support to help energetically attend to you in the way your heart and your soul is calling in that moment. 

Thank you for reading! I look forward to connecting with you!



Connect With Me

Want more info on me and my offerings? 

Call / Text: 626-228-7467

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