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    Noarlunga South Australia


    "Grounded in subject knowledge and detailed research, a natal chart reading with Kristy is an entirely personalized process. She forges connections amongst one's natal chart, tendencies, and life: from past experiences to those yet to come. Moments in my life became illuminated with meaning as I learned of their astrological connections, connections which remained invisible to me until her reading. My experience was not only enlightening, but also accessible. Kristy explains concepts in clear terms, which helps underscore the significance of her readings for those newer to astrology, like me. Most importantly, Kristy demonstrates an ethics of care. I felt support and kindness throughout the reading, a feeling of deep empathy which is a true rarity and blessing. I continue to reflect on and return to the details of our reading for clarity and guidance."

      - Nina Cole

    "I just wanted to say again how amazing the natal chart reading was. It was thorough, it was grounding. You have such a great understanding of the science of astrology and you broke things down in such an intimate and heart opening way.  If it wasn’t for our session I would not have had the courage to move forward in a passion that has opened up so many doors for me."

     - Jasmin S. Garlic

    "I had the honor to have Kristy do my natal chart reading, and I was truly blown away by my session with her. Expect that this will be something other than a surface-level reading. It will be an eye-opening experience. Kristy will explore the houses, transits, planetary influences, and more. Our 1.5-hour session went into a 3-hour session that felt like a rabbit hole of personal exploration of myself. She patiently answered all my questions, and her enthusiasm regarding my feedback and her energy made it easy to chat about life experiences in correlation to my transits (both past and present). I felt truly seen. Her thoughtfully written notes and this fantastic session were icing on the whole experience. I will be returning to her for her astrological guidance in the future. She is truly gifted in this practice. RUN don't walk for any of her services!"

     - Ursula Cervantes

    "I got my reading early February of this year 2023.  I love how convenience Kristy made it for me to schedule an appointment with her for a reading.  I live in San Gabriel Valley, CA and she live up north.  I wasn't sure how she can do my reading when I couldn't pick my card or how she was going to read me when we are so far away from each other.  Before  my reading she sent me a link to pick a card that is calling out me, so thats what I did. After I picked my card I messaged her back and let her know which one I had picked. 


    When it was time for my reading she sent me a zoom link.  When I got on she didn't have to ask me much, I believe I had to pick another card from the card she showed me over zoom. Which I did, then she gave me my reading.  She was right on point on everything that I was going through. She explained what the card that I had picked meant.  Both card that I picked was exactly what I was going through and feeling.  I was really speechless.  Why you may ask, first of all is the distance that she is doing the reading from. She is reading me over zoom and she didn't have to be in front of me to do my reading or let me pick the card that was call out to me.  Kristy is amazing!  I really didn't even give her any information of what I am going through and any confusion that I had. She had answered all without having any information from me. Thank You Kristy for my unforgettable reading!"


      - Krystal L

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