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What to expect

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Pre-talk & INTERVIEW

Introductory conversation to connect, share, and get to know each other better. We will go over your background, life themes, challenges, patterns, concerns, goals, important memories, anything to address for the session, etc., and whatever you feel comfortable sharing with me. I would like to get to know you and learn as much about you and any relevant details to better facilitate the hypnosis portion. I will be speaking to your Higher Self on your behalf and seek healing for you, so the more information I have about you will be helpful for your session. We will also go over your list of questions, any symptoms, and work together to craft a clear and specific intention for your journey. Afterwards, I will discuss more about the hypnosis and flow of the session so you can fully relax into the experience. And to help you prepare for your session, I will lead you through a short visualization activity that will give you a feel and understanding for what your session will be like. Lastly, we will have a short break before you settle back into a comfortable position so we can start the induction. 



& exploration

We will begin by setting the intention we crafted together for your journey to start. As you continue to relax even more, I will lead us into aligning our hearts, our minds and our energies, and then gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation trance into the quantum field so that you can embark into your beautiful and unique journey. The hypnosis induction is very similar to a guided meditation. I will then guide you through the conscious exploration portion. Your Higher Self will be very much in the driver’s seat. The experience you will have on your journey will be the one your Higher Self thinks most appropriate for you to help you on your present reality. I am here to help guide and support you during this experience, but your Higher Self will be taking the lead and navigating this part. After your exploration, I will ask for the Higher Self to come forward to ask your questions. An energetic body scan will be performed by your Higher Self or any other High Dimensional Beings that want to assist you into bringing the necessary healing for you that is appropriate to move you into an energetic balanced state for your highest good.


reflection & debrief

I will slowly bring you back to your normal waking consciousness where you will be feeling wonderful, completely refreshed, relaxed, and peaceful. We will discuss your experience, go over any questions you may have, and any information that came through, as well as my observations.


& recording

exit, grounding

I encourage you to drink plenty of water afterwards to flush the toxins released during the deep energetic healing work and have a snack/meal to ground your energy back into your body. For in-person sessions, I will make sure you are well grounded before leaving. Finding time to rest afterwards is very important as well since we are working through a lot of energy. This will help you integrate all the energy work done in the session. I will email you a link to download your recording. You will be in a high vibrational state after the session for the next few days and more information, new insights and downloads may continue to come through. I highly recommend listening to your recording often as you are guided to even if you think you remembered everything. It will bring you back to your connection to your Higher Self and into that healing vibrational place. Deeper healing, insights, downloads, and activations can be received by repeated listening. The more you listen to it, the more you strengthen your relationship to your Higher Self and reinforce any healing and learning you received from your BQH session. I will check in with you in about a week after your session and I would love to hear your feedback and experiences, so please stay in touch!

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