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Access Your Inner Wisdom

Intuitive Tarot Readings

All Tarot sessions are conducted through Zoom.


Tarot has been an important element in my spiritual journey and is a powerful tool for self-discovery and accessing your inner wisdom. The Tarot's aim is to unite the mind, body and spirit intricacies, while guiding us on the archetypal energies that we encounter in our journey through life. The cards are meant to provide insight into the innermost truths of your higher self and will help tap into what you already know deep within yourself. 


I am honored to use the wisdom of the Tarot to help channel a message from Spirit for you. During the card readings, I will intuitively read each one to observe the current energies being presented at that moment in time to gain insightful information to what you are inquiring about and needing guidance on.


3 Card Reading / $25

5 Card Reading / $45

3o mins Reading / $60

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Zodiac Tarot Spread Reading       

45 mins - 1 hr  /  $88

This reading combines the power of Astrology and Tarot to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. The 12-card Tarot spread will be shaped like the astrological wheel, using the 12 houses and astrological signs to provide you with insightful information about yourself and developments occurring in the areas of your life. We will tune into your identity, motivation, attitude, and analyze various aspects of your life. This is a wonderful and deeper Tarot reading that can be done as a yearly overview or quarterly to gain insight into how you are feeling and any themes being presented. 

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